WTF is That? Homebrew Monsters: The Hunter

WTF is That? Homebrew Monsters: The Hunter

Homebrew monsters, that’s what! One of Wyatt’s favorite things about D&D is homebrewing so we thought it would be fun to show you all some of the monsters and characters that he comes up with in our games. Who better to kick of the “WTF is That?” series than this guy?

The Hunter was the big boss battle in one of our PC’s arcs and there was quite a build up to him before we ever knew what he looked like. The PC is Jimmy the Snake, who is equally as weird so we will be posting a video on him in this series as well. Anyway, so for months, we were getting lore and clues about this evil creature underground. Outside of the game, we spent a lot of time speculating what it was, what it looked like… boy were we wrong. 

That’s the best thing about homebrewing in my opinion, especially if you have veteran players who have seen it all. Not only did no one see it coming, but the experienced players couldn’t metagame if they tried because they didn’t have any better idea of how to fight it than their characters. Every turn, he threw something new at us that we didn’t see coming. He stunned people, caused insanity, and turned us against each other. It was intense!

To make this creature, we used several files from Thingiverse (I’ll list below) and printed parts from each and glued them together. The bone mask was made with Milliput and the spider legs and gooey base are just hot glue and wire. Wyatt dreamed him up and printed the parts and right before the game, I put him together and painted him so I did have spoilers, but that did not make him any easier to fight. I had literal nightmares about this guy, it was awesome. 

Homebrew Monsters With These Resources

We use Milliput to seamlessly combine parts and sculpt custom mods. Also good for filling in gaps on models out of the box  – 

Our printer is the Ender 3 and we cannot reccomend it enough based on quality vs price –

PLA I use for the Ender- 

For tips on printing, I’ll leave it to the expert! Check out Tabletop DM’s Channel –…

The Hunter Ape Parts –…

The Hunter Octopus Parts –

Do you have your own homebrew monsters? We’d love to hear about them in the comments or message!

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