Spell Tracking Tips for D&D

Spell Tracking Tips for D&D

Hello Internet, I have some spell tracking tips for you! I was a D&D Facebook group the other day and a new player wanted some tips on ways to organize spells. Playing a spell caster, especially as a new player, can get overwhelming and complicated if you you aren’t organized.

Some spells are highly detailed so it’s important to have them handy so you aren’t researching them during combat. Table etiquette 101! How you will track your spells will depend on the type of caster you are. I play two games right now and am a spell caster in both games.

Spell Tracking for Spontaneous and Prepared Casters

One of my PC’s is a Magus who is a spontaneous spell caster. The second, I’m a Witch, who is a prepared caster. I will say, the spontaneous caster is a lot easier for spell tracking. I can just check off boxes since I have a certain number of slots to use. But the prepared caster has to not only know how many spells they get every day but which spells and how many times they want to prepare each.

 More than anything else, I recommend printing out spell cards. I put a link below to a site where you can get free printable cards. My magus is at level 10 and I still read over these cards every single game. I keep them under my character sheet in case the DM has specific questions about the spell’s effects or details.

 Next I talk about the notebook I use for my prepared caster. I wanted a smaller notebook with removable pages. It was harder to find than I expected! The notebook I found is perfect and was only about $8. I got one for each of my characters, in different colors of course.

Last, I talk about the cheat sheet card I use for both my characters. It tracks spells, but also has quick stats like my HP, AC, Arcane Pool points..all that fun stuff. Each character has a completely different card. They are so useful, I barely look at my actual character sheet during the game. I used self laminating sheets on them so I could mark off my spells with a wet erase marker. This was a game changer for me, it made things so much easier.


Printable Spellcards: http://thegm.org/perramsSpellbook.php

Notebook: https://amzn.to/2YMrShE

Laminating Sheets: https://amzn.to/2yHviU2

Wet Erase Markers: https://amzn.to/2XyqFtB

 Anyway, I hope you check the video out. Let me know what methods you use in the comments or message!

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