Painted Vex Miniature from Critical Role Kickstarter by Steamforged
Painted Vex'ahlia Miniature

Painted Vex Miniature from Critical Role Kickstarter by Steamforged

The painted Vex miniature is done! This was one of my favorite Critical Role minis to paint so far, I love the pose and detail. Though as someone pointed out in one of the video comments, the weapon is on the wrong side for a right handed shooter!

I ended up making two videos for this, a long one and a short cliff notes one. I will stick them at the bottom of this blog in case you want to check them out.

Planning Paint Colors

There’s not a lot of art to reference for this specific outfit so you will have to make some color choices before starting this miniature. I looked at the official art for Vox Machina, the graphic novel art, and the promos for the animated series. As you can see in the reference photos, I chose to keep the legs and torso pretty neutral so I could really make that blue pop.

Painted Vex Miniature from Critical Role

Painted Vex Miniature from Critical Role Kickstarter
Painted Vex Miniature Front

The Neutral Paints

To make your painted Vex miniature really stand out, emphasize the small details in the neutral areas. You can break these parts up by using a variety of neutral colors. For an example, I made her pants grey so they’d contrast the leather from her boots and torso, so that helped break up all the detail.

Also, use different shades and tints of brown to differentiate the leather and wood pieces. I like to use a high contrast dry brush followed by a black ink wash to make the leather look worn. It also helps to use a red tinted brown for leather and a more standard brown for wood. However, with this mini, I did this backwards and made the bow more of the red tint. You can’t really mess this up, but as long as they are different, you are on the right track!

Confusion in the Sculpt

There are some confusing parts about the torso of this miniature. I hope my reference picture helps to make sense of what is going on. If you tilt the mini back, its almost like she has four boobs! Luckily, there’s quite a bit of detail to distract the eye from that part of the sculpt.

To keep it less noticeable, I recommend painted that area a darker color and let it hide in the shadows. Emphasizing the detail on the stomach with sharp contrasts will also pull the eye away from that area.

Painting that Famous Vex’ahlia Blue

The blue is the fun part! What’s more satisfying than painting those famous feathers in her hair? The extended video goes in depth about how I painted the cape but basically, just find a really good blue for the base color. Then ink wash it with something darker, and maybe a little different (I used a purple tinted blue). Then just build up those highlights with a sky blue.

I used this same process on the cloth in the front. For the inside of the cape, I used the purple tinted blue and painted it as if it were some kind of smooth silk lining. This bumped that contrast up even more to let the bright blue stand out.

Painted Vex Critical Role Miniature Back
Painted Vex Miniature Back

Painting Detailed Arrows

For the arrows, I tried a dry brush and ink wash and did not love how it turned out. If you are painting these for display, I’d recommend hand painting the lines and details on the arrow feathers. It is a little tedious but I think its worth it. It also helps to define the arrow shafts by painting lines, otherwise it can look messy.

I was torn between blue or white feathers. I think either color is fine but ultimately decided the ones in her hair should be special and different. She often buys her arrows from shops int he game rather than makes them, so I assumed they’d most likely be white.

Video Tutorials

I’m adding the video tutorials below. I hope this helped you with your painted Vex miniature! We sure to check the playlist for all the Critical Role Painting tutorials on YouTube and the Blog!

Short Version of the Painted Vex Miniature Tutorial

Long Version of the Painted Vex Miniature Tutorial

Critical Role Miniature Painting Tutorials

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