How to DM 101

How to DM 101

Learn How to DM 101 with me! I (Sara) do not know much about DMing but Wyatt has been doing it for over a decade. This series will go through the entire process of running a D&D game for the very first time. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty nervous about all this! However, I’ve seen so many people in the community who are ready to give it a shot and don’t know where to start.

This first video in the series is about the very very beginning. It’s about where to start, what type of game to run, where to find the material. There are lots of options out there, and you don’t have to make the same choices I make to follow this series.

One Shot

I decided a one shot would be a good fit for my first game for several reasons. First, I love being a player and am in two campaigns right now. I don’t want to start a third game, I’m thoroughly enjoying the two I have. Second, I want to learn to DM so that I can run games when I go visit my nephews or friends. This way, I can introduce them to the world of D&D without hesitation! Several of my friends have said, “I want to try it but I don’t know how or where!” so I thought it’d be fun if I could run a game for them to see if they like D&D. Third, I am running the Collective Arcana! Wyatt has the knowledge, and I’m learning along with the Collective, so I’d like to be able to say, “I’ve DMed before!”

It’s also just something I’ve wanted to try. I think I’ll always prefer being a player, but who knows? Maybe I’ll love it! For years, I wrote fiction (that I was never brave enough to self publish) and I absolutely loved writing. I miss it so much. DMing is story telling, it has a lot in common with writing.

But I’m Scared!

Maybe you are in the same position but, this is a really intimidating thing for me to try! Honestly, my biggest issue is improv. It is not a strength for me, but I also think that is mostly because of low confidence. Instead of just going with the flow, I over think things and freeze up. That seems like the hardest part of DMing for me. But Wyatt addressed this in the video and I am feeling better about it now. He reminded me that you can just be honest and communicate with your players. If I get stuck, I can just have them take a quick break or something.

Do You Have Questions?

We will be continuing this series pretty quickly because I know a lot of people out there are ready to learn how to DM. If you have any questions at all that we don’t cover, let us know and we will do our best to help! If you are able to ask the question before the series is finished, we will address it in the next video (as well as directly answering it of course!)

After the series is over, we may even do a Q&A video on any questions that come up afterwards. Not just from you guys, but from me! In fact, I think we might do a video afterward to cover things I ran into, where I got stuck, and questions I wish I would have asked.

In the mean time, leave us your question in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe (and ring the bell!) so you know when the next video in the series comes out!

How to DM 101

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