D&D Starter Kit Unboxing (How to DM 101 Part 2)

D&D Starter Kit Unboxing (How to DM 101 Part 2)

We did a D&D Starter Kit Unboxing as a part of my DMing 101 series. If you missed Part 1, you can find the blog and video here.

How to DM 101 Part 2

Originally, I planned to go find a one shot guide for my first time DMing. That didn’t go exactly as planned. We headed to some books stores but didn’t have much luck with single modules. However, if we were open to using a PDF, there would have been a ton of options! But for the purposes of this video, I wanted something tangible so we could have it on screen. 

It worked out, to be honest! I’m not sure why we hadn’t thought of it sooner but we ended up with the D&D starter set. We didn’t look at it long in the store so we could do an unboxing with you guys.

D&D Starter Set Unboxing

This set far exceeded my expectations! First, it has this little mini DM guide/player’s handbook. It’s a condensed version so its just a little booklet that you can easily read front to back in a short time. That’s one of the most daunting parts in my opinion. I was afraid to run a game because I don’t know all the rules; there’s a lot of content in the regular books! But this is more like a magazine, totally manageable. 

Next, it comes with the module, which has maps and information about the different locations the party can go. I’m going to report back after I read it and let you know my impressions. It is also a small, manageable sized booklet. These two books alone made me feel much more capable.

I should also mention, it came with a pretty dice set! 

Character Sheets

Last, it had pre-filled character sheets. I didn’t expect this at all! There are several to choose from with different classes. 

This is awesome for two reasons. One, you can be a new DM with new players and not stress about the character creation. Character creation can be confusing for first timers! These sheets have a blank spot for the name but are otherwise filled out. Even the personalities traits and backstories are on there! Of course, you don’t HAVE to use these, but it might be really helpful for new players. 

Two, once my players pick their characters, I can look over their sheets and have an idea of what to expect from them. This may not be the typical thing to do, but for a first time DMer, it brings me a little comfort. It’s like training wheels while you are learning the game. 

Personally, I am going to laminate these character sheets or put them in a plastic sleeve and let the player write on it with a wet erase marker. It’s good, sturdy paper so I’d like to be able to use it a few times. That, or I’ll just make copies. 

This set has me feeling a lot better about trying to DM. It seemed like this huge thing before and now it feels reasonable. I will look through the books and post a video on what kind of information I got, what I feel is still missing, and what my next step is to prepare for my very first DMing experience. 

Part 3, Coming Soon

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see when Part 3 is posted! Otherwise, I will also let you know via social media. Please let me know if you have any questions you’d like us to address in this series! 

To learn more about this D&D Starter Set, you can check out the official website at dnd.wizards.com

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