About us here at the Collective Arcana.

Hello Internet! Welcome to the Collective Arcana, a site all about tabletop gaming. This is a place where we will discuss D&D and Pathfinder game play topics. We also have tutorials on miniature painting, and other DIY tabletop related projects (such as dice trays and spell trackers).

We are Wyatt and Sara, a couple of married nerds whose lives revolve around TTRPG. Our time is spent on our own two Pathfinder games and watching anything the Critical Role channel puts out. You may see the occasional appearance from our dog, Tegan or cat, Luna in the videos.

About Us – Wyatt

Wyatt has been DMing and playing D&D, Pathfinder, and other table top games for 13 years. He loves home brewing, its his specialty! Currently, Wyatt is running two Pathfinder games, one online using Roll20 and one live game. He’s also working on his own game that we should have published in the near future. Character building is another one of his areas of expertise. When creating a new character, he weaves the backstory into the mechanics of the character build and personality while also considering the culture/politics of their hometown within the world. If you have any questions for the DM about game mechanics, world building, managing players/characters, or need advice on home brewing or balancing fights, (ok..so …anything tabletop gaming related …) he’s the guy!

About Us – Sara

I’m Sara, and I’ve watched/listened to DnD for a couple of years (Acquisitions Incorporated, Critical Role, Harmon Quest, Wyatt’s games…). I didn’t start playing until one year ago (June 2018) so I will be representing the new player side. Now I’m hooked so we started our second game in January 2019. While I may be more of a newbie player, my expertise for the Collective Arcana will be the DIY portions. You name it, I can craft it. Aside from painting, I sculpt, build, sew… whatever I can get my hands on. Nowadays, I also 3D print so I can’t wait to share some videos on that topic.

We’ll post most content on YouTube but as we branch out, I’d like this blog to act as Home Base. Our associated site is The Magic Bristle, our store. It will have painted mini’s for sale as well as other TTRPG crafted items. While I may share new additions to that site on this blog, The Collective Arcana will be primarily informational posts.

We have so much to share with you all and can’t wait to get started!